Functions of Committees

1)    Legislative Function

―     Prepares legislative proposals;

―     Guides debate during the processing of Bills during the Second Reading and Committee of the Whole Assembly

2)    Budget Making Process

―     Scrutinize Budget estimates and budget documents and make appropriate recommendations;

―     Monitors budget performance of the assigned Sectors

3)    Oversight Role

―     Ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the assigned Sectors by inquiring and reporting on all matters relating to the assigned Sector;

―     Ensure that the relevant Sector/ Department accounts on its expenditure;

―     Consider reports of the Auditor-General;

―     Vets nominees to be appointed to various public offices within the County as required by the law

4)    Representation Role

―     Ensure public participation in their activities;

―     Address issues raised by the public;

―     Considers public petitions

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