Subject: Support the efforts of the National Government to rejuvenate Nairobi City.

             THAT, aware that Nairobi City County as the seat of the Country has been on a steady decline over the last two decades, as evidenced by failing infrastructure and crucial public amenities; DEEPLY CONCERNED that most of the development that has taken place in Nairobi over the last two decades has been unplanned and some developers, both residential and business, have failed to take cognizance of laid out City plans by subsequent city administrations, including the newly established County Governments; REGRETTING that the result of the foregoing is the evolving chaos that now characterizes life in the City; REALIZING that if nothing is done this steady decline spells doom for the Country as a whole, given that Nairobi County contributes roughly 60% of the Republic’s GDP; APPRECIATING that the County Government of Nairobi in conjunction with the National Government has embarked on an ambitious program for the rebuilding or the City known as the Nairobi Regeneration Program; NOTING that the program kicked off with the creation of a multiagency taskforce, co-chaired by Governor Mike Sonko and Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala, and comprising of officers from both levels of government as well as stakeholders who made a commitment to restore Nairobi to its former glory; FURTHER APPRECIATING that this program carries great potential for the restoration of the City to global standards; this Assembly RESOLVES to fully support the efforts of the National Government to rejuvenate Nairobi City and will take any legislative or policy measures to make that possible when called upon.
Notice of Motion 14th June, 2018
Mover Hon. Peter Imwatok. MCA.
Seconder Hon. Moses Ogeto, MCA
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 4th July, 2018
Remarks Adopted.
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