Subject: Right to Health Care

THAT, aware that Article 43 (1) of the Constitution provides that every person has the right, to the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to health care services, including reproductive health care; deeply concerned that the attainment of the foregoing objective remains a challenge given the dire shortage of health workers within the County; noting that the County has adequate trained health professionals who are currently out of employment and whose services can help fill the gap in provision of healthcare; this Assembly urges the County Executive to 1. Set aside a specific budget on the 3.8.2016 Negatived Status as at Friday, 02 December 2016 - (This Information is also available in annual 2016/2017 Budget for the recruitment on temporary basis of additional healthcare professionals; and 2. Work in partnership with relevant medical training institutions such as the KMTC and the University of Nairobi to identify healthcare graduates who are currently out of employment for the said recruitment
Notice of Motion 3rd March, 2016
Mover Hon. Peter Imwatok,
Seconder Hon. Zulfa Hakim
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 8th March, 2016
Remarks Negatived
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