Subject: Right to be free from hunger and have adequate food.

THAT, aware that the Article 43 (c) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 states that every person has the right to be free from hunger and have adequate food of an acceptable quality; further aware that effect of global warming (climate change) has been felt globally, leading to food shortage especial in Africa and Kenya in particular; concerned that early warning systems for humanitarian frameworks have largely focused on rural context, leaving urban areas vulnerable to food and nutrition uncertainty; acknowledging that early warning systems provide vital information for emergency preparedness and response as well as emergency mitigation and long-term development, this assembly urges the County Executive to establish various early warning and surveillance centres in the Wards to ensure broad implementation, coordination and monitoring mechanisms toward saving vulnerable urban population from food and nutrition uncertainty.
Notice of Motion 2nd August, 2016
Mover Hon. Elizabeth Manyala, MCA
Seconder Hon. Karen Wanjiku, MCA.
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 9th August, 2016
Remarks Adopted
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