Subject: Repair and Maintenance of Public/Street Lights within the County

THAT, aware that Section 28 (1) of the Public Private Partnership Act, 2013 provides that a contracting authority that intends to finance, operate, equip or maintain an infrastructure facility or provide a service may enter into a project agreement with any qualified private party for the financing, construction, operation, equipping or maintenance of the infrastructure or development facility; further aware that the Nairobi City County Government has invested heavily on installing high mast lights to improve security in the County; concerned that most of the installed high mast lights have been vandalized, leaving many parts of the County in darkness for a long period of time due to poor and/or slow repair and maintenance of the public/street lights; acknowledging that the County has plans to light the entire City and turn it into a 24 hour economy, this Assembly urges the County Executive to privatize the repair and maintenance of public/street lights within the County as a way of improving security and achieving a 24 hour economy in the County.
Notice of Motion 23rd March, 2016
Mover Hon. Ngaruiya Chege
Seconder Hon. Kennedy Oduru
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 19th April, 2016
Remarks Negatived
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