Subject: Renovation of Uhuru Park and Central Park.

                         THAT, aware that the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution under paragraph 4
provides for the functions and powers of County Governments as amongst others, Cultural activities, public entertainment and public amenities, including county parks, beaches and recreation facilities; RECOGNIZING that Parks and green spaces occupy a critical place in the urban environment, providing opportunity for recreation and wellness, as well as environmental management promotion and sustainability for urban communities; OBSERVING that in furtherance of this critical role the Nairobi City County currently retains, operates and maintains various parks and green spaces, including Uhuru Park, Central Park, Michuki Memorial Park, Jeevanjee Gardens, Jamhuri Park, Uhuru Gardens etc.; WELCOMING that the rehabilitation and retrofitting of Urban Parks and Green Spaces in Nairobi City County is a Presidential Legacy project which needs the full support of the County; REGRETING that the status of some of the Parks and green spaces has waned over
the decades as maintenance and renovation have not kept pace with growth in the urban population and demands for use of the Parks by City residents; DEEPLY CONCERNED that parks of historical and National significance such as Uhuru Park
and Central Park risk losing their international appeal, recognition and status given the neglect they have suffered and the state of disrepair of facilities and amenities; NOTING that while the Nairobi Metropolitan Services has invested heavily in the renovation of Michuki Memorial Park, which investment has greatly boosted the usage of the Park, with ever greater numbers visiting the refurbished Park on a daily basis, the same has not materialized for Uhuru Park and Central Park which remain in a state of disrepair; NOW THEREFORE, disturbed that if the state of disrepair of Uhuru Park and Central Park is not remedied the Parks risk losing their appeal, historical significance and recognition; this Assembly RESOLVES as follows, that: -

1. the Nairobi City County Executive and the Nairobi Metropolitan Services urgently coordinate the immediate notification to the Members of the Public of the closure of Uhuru Park and Central Park for purposes of carrying out rehabilitation and retrofitting, taking into account the interests and well-being of stakeholders who carry out certain licensed activities in the Parks, with a view to restoring: -

a. Modern aesthetics for recreational areas;
b. Facilities for outdoor events;

c. Botanical spaces;

d. And all such related undertakings as are essential to return the two parks to their former glory.

Notice of Motion 23rd September, 2021
Mover Hon. Abdi I. Hassan, MCA - Majority Leader
Seconder Hon. Michael Ogada, MCA - Minority Leader
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 28th September, 2021
Remarks Adopted
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