Subject: Renaming of Accra Road to Kenneth Matiba Road

         THAT, aware Article 186(1) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and paragraph 5 of the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution provides for the functions and powers of the county government on county transport including county roads, street lighting, public road transport traffic and parking; further aware that the country since independence named and renamed roads and other public facilities in honour of heroes and heroines who have contributed immensely to the development of the republic, noting that the naming of roads and other public places after heroes and heroines bestows honour and shows gratitude to such people; Concerned that there are heroes and heroines who have not had similar honours bestowed upon them despite their immense contribution to this country; Noting that the late Hon. Kenneth Matiba was a prolific industrialist in the hospitality and education sectors and an accomplished public servant having served as the first indigenous African Permanent Secretary for Education in 1963, Permanent Secretary for Commerce, Chairperson of the Kenya Football Federation from 1974-1978, a Member of Parliament for Kiharu Constituency, Cabinet Minister for Health, Culture and Social Services, Transport and Communication; further noting that, the late Kenneth Matiba was part of the opposition alliance that led to the liberation of the struggle for the restoration of the multi-party democracy through the Forum for Restoration for Democracy (FORD) later founding Ford Asili, under which he ran for presidency in 1992 general elections; recognizing that road names have been changed before to reflect the names and places with significance to Kenya, for example Lord Delamere Avenue –renamed Kenyatta Avenue, Government Avenue –Moi Avenue, Forest Road to Professor Wangari Mathai Road, amongst others. This assembly urges the County Executive in conjunction with the Nairobi Metropolitan Services to rename Accra Road in Nairobi Central Ward to Kenneth Matiba Road in honour of the pro-democracy icon who was regarded as one of the pioneers of democracy evident by his heroic efforts in pressing for the return of multi-party democracy in 1990.

Notice of Motion 16th March, 2021
Mover Hon. Daniel Muturi, MCA
Seconder Hon. Moses Ogeto, MCA - Deputy Minority Whip
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 18th March, 2021
Remarks Adopted
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