Subject: Renaming Aerodrome Road to Doughlas Wakiihuri Road

         THAT, aware that Article 186 (1) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, and Paragraph 5 of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution provide for the functions and powers of County Government on County Transport including County roads, street lighting, public road transport traffic and parking; further aware that the Country has since independence named and renamed roads and other public facilities in honour of heroes and heroines who have contributed immensely to the development of the Republic; noting that the naming of roads and other public places after heroes and heroines bestows honor and shows gratitude to such people; concerned that there are heroines and heroes who have not had similar honors bestowed upon them despite their immense contributions to this Country; further noting that Douglas Wakiihuri is the Founding Director of Nairobi Sotokoto Safari Half Marathon Limited, Board Member of Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya and Special Olympics, Kenya and the Coach to H.E the First Lady of Kenya who is the founder of Beyond Zero Campaign which has contributed immensely to the health of many women and children in the Country by improving maternal and child health care; further noting that Mr. Wakiihuri is the first Kenyan Gold Medalist of the World Marathon Championships in Rome 1987, London Marathon Champion 1989, Commonwealth Games Marathon Gold medalist 1990, Auckland, New Zealand, and World Cup Marathon champion 1995, Athens, Greece; Silver medalist in the Olympic Games, Marathon, 1988, Seoul, South Korea; he isa founder of Kibera Running Club, developing a school in the slums of Kibera and providing breakfast on running days for the Kibera kids; recognizing that Wakiihuri opened up for Kenya to the world of marathon by inspiring many Kenyans who have gone to win various marathons across the globe; further recognizing that road names have been changed before to reflect names and places with significance to Kenyans;this Assembly urges the County Executive in conjunction with the Nairobi Metropolitan Services to rename Aerodrome Road to Douglas Wakiihuri Road in honour of the athletic icon who is regarded as one of the pioneers of marathon championship in Kenya after winning the first Gold medal of the World Marathon Championships in Rome 1987 and inspired many to win world marathon Championships across the globe.

Notice of Motion 8th June, 2021
Mover Hon. Abraham Njihia, MCA
Seconder Hon. Jeremiah Themendu, MCA
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 10th June, 2021
Remarks Adopted
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