Subject: Rehabilitation of streets and lanes to provide space for street vendors

            THAT AWARE, that Article 175(b) of the Constitution on the principles of devolved government provides that county governments shall have reliable sources of revenue to enable them govern and deliver services effectively; NOTING that street vendors or business people commonly referred to as hawkers have the potential to contribute immensely to the City’s revenue streams and create job opportunities if the sector is well managed; DEEPLY CONCERNED that frequent violent confrontations between City askaris and hawkers has not solved the challenges associated with the sector and only worsened the situation; FURTHER NOTING that various back streets and avenues remain underutilized in terms of the potential for street vending e.g. Aru Lane, Gaberone, Taveta and lanes joining Kirinyaga and Lower Kirinyaga roads; this Assembly urges the County Executive to rehabilitate these streets and lanes and utilize them to provide space for street vendors within certain strict parameters per planning requirements and operating timelines for instance from 5.30pm to 5.30am at least two days a week etc.
Notice of Motion 13th March, 2018
Mover Hon. Pius Mbono, MCA.
Seconder Hon. Naftali Mathenge, MCA.
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 26th July, 2018
Remarks Rejected.
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