Subject: Re-introduction of disbursement of bursaries through cheques

             THAT, aware that since the establishment of the county governments in 2013, the Nairobi City County Government has set aside a certain amount of money in the budgets to help the needy and yet bright students to access education through the bursary programmes, where such students apply for this bursaries and they are disbursed to their schools’ accounts by the County Government, this has enabled many students to access education across the County; further aware that the County Government resolved to use Electronic Fund Transfer in disbursing bursaries instead of using cheques with the view to address the problems experienced in the past where funds meant for needy students went into wrong hands; concerned that introduction of vouchers in disbursement of bursaries has faced a series of challenges where monies deposited in various schools’ accounts could not be verified by the County Accounts Department due to the discrepancies between the vouchers and the electronic transfer system; further concerned that various Schools have received the County monies without clear accountability records, this Assembly urges the County Executive to re-introduce the use of cheques in disbursement of funds which is reliable and dependable compared to the voucher system.

Notice of Motion 15th July, 2021
Mover Hon. Kennedy Oyugi, MCA
Seconder Hon. Mark Mugambi, MCA
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 29th July, 2021
Remarks Adopted
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