Subject: Public Entertainment Sports And Cultural Activities.

THAT, aware that the functions of cultural activities and public entertainment including sports and cultural activities are vested to County Governments pursuant to paragraph 4 of Part Two of the Fourth schedule to the Constitution of Kenya; further aware that Nairobi City County serves as one of the main travel, diplomatic and cultural hub for Eastern and Central Africa with well-established tourist attraction sites from social, academic to spiritual matters; concerned that the County has not established well-founded cultural activities that can distinguish the uniqueness of the County from others despite having all it takes to be called “ the Green City in the Sun”; noting that cultural activities attract tourists from all over the world which is a source of revenue for the County; this Assembly urges the County Government to establish Miss Nairobi City County competition to be held annually where winners represent the County in Miss Tourism Kenya event at the National level.
Notice of Motion 8th October, 2014
Mover Hon. Elizabeth Manyala, MCA
Seconder Hon. Jaffer Kassam, MCA
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 21st October, 2014
Remarks Adopted.
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