Subject: Procedural Motion: Appointment of Members to Sectoral Committee on Environment & Natural Resources

       THAT, pursuant to the provision of Standing Orders 203(1), this Assembly approves the appointment of the following to the following Sectoral Committees as listed in the Third Schedule to the Standing Orders: - A. Sectoral Committee on Environment & Natural Resources
1. The Hon. John Kamau, MCA

2. The Hon. Wanjiru Kariuki, MCA

3. The Hon. Antony Kimemia, MCA

4. The Hon. Joseph Wambugu, MCA

5. The Hon. Laura Mwende, MCA

6. The Hon. James Mwangi, MCA

7. The Hon. John Kamangu Nyumu, MCA

8. The Hon. Peter Wahinya, MCA

9. The Hon. Joyce Muthoni, MCA

10. The Hon. Margaret Mbote, MCA

11. The Hon. Anthony Kiragu, MCA

12. The Hon. Leah Supuko, MCA

13. The Hon. Jeremiah Themendu, MCA

14. The Hon. Solomon Magembe, MCA
Notice of Motion 1st January, 1970
Mover Hon. Peter Wanyoike, MCA - Deputy Majority Leader
Seconder Hon. Millicent Jagero, MCA
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 5th August, 2021
Remarks Adopted
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