Subject: Procedural Motion – Alteration of the Calendar for the Fifth Session

                THAT, Pursuant to the provisions of standing order 294, this Assembly resolves to alter its calendar for the 5th Session 2021 as adopted on 9thFebruary, 2021 so as to; 1.Suspend its sitting of Tuesday afternoon 6thApril 2021 2.Suspend all its ordinary sittings from Thursday 8thApril 2021 until further notice 3.Should any Paper be transmitted for tabling in the Assembly during the period of adjournment, the Speaker shall,following a determination that the paper is of priority, refer the Paper to the relevant committee for consideration and call the Paper to be laid in the Assembly during its next sitting. The Clerk is a directed to make necessary arrangements to facilitate virtual meetings of the committee.
Notice of Motion 1st January, 1970
Mover Hon. Abdi Hassan, MCA - Majority Leader
Seconder Hon. Michael Ogada, MCA - Minority Leader
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 6th April, 2021
Remarks Adopted
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