Subject: Payment of Risk Allowances to Frontline Health Workers

Subject: Payment of Risk Allowances to Frontline Health Workers           THAT, aware that the outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has posed a significant threat to Kenya and Kenyans; DEEPLY CONCERNED that the COVID-19 pandemic has put additional demands and risks on frontline personnel while further stretching National and County health budgets; RECOGNIZING that health care workers (HCWs) face a host of challenges, including insufficient kits and equipment, long working hours, heightened risk of exposure, discrimination and stigma among other related challenges; REGRETTING that the payment of Enhanced Risk Allowances, effecting of promotions of all HCWs across the cadres, the procurement of comprehensive medical cover by NHIF which includes group life cover/Work Injury Benefits cover to compensate HCWs in case of deaths or permanent disability, and the exemption from duty of health workers above years with comorbidities, such as diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), heart disease, psychiatric disorders or substance abuse has been delayed and mired in controversy and persistent strife between the Nairobi Metropolitan Services and County Executive, leading to threats of strikes and industrial action in the midst of the pandemic; further OBSERVING that the Nairobi County Government’s failure to enforce routine free testing for all health workers and their families for early detection and treatment of COVID-19 cases and the setting aside of an ambulance and bed facility including ICU beds, for their isolation and treatment, not consistently and timely paying health workers salaries and statutory deductions, some of whom have even contracted the disease, adds to their distress and despair; this ASSEMBLY URGES the County Executive to expedite the payment of Enhanced Risk Allowances and the urgent provision of adequate medical cover and standard PPEs to all HCWs in the county.
Notice of Motion 24th November, 2020
Mover Hon. Geoffrey Majiwa, MCA - Deputy Speaker
Seconder Hon. Moses Ogeto, MCA - Deputy Minority Whip
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 24th November, 2020
Remarks Adopted
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