Subject: Parking Zones And Bus Termini

THAT, aware that under the Article 186 (1) of the Constitution of Kenya, and Fourth Schedule, the functions and powers of County Government, among others, covers County transport including county roads, street lighting, public road transport traffic and parking; further aware that the City has designated preferential parking zones and bus termini throughout the City with parking restrictions for each zone; noting that recent years have witnessed a marked increase in the number of public service vehicles plying various routes in the County; concerned that most streets, pedestrian walkways and onstreet parkings in the City Centre have been illegally turned into bus stops and parking slots for public services vehicles, which has led to increased congestion and accidents including deaths to pedestrians, further noting that the allocation of parking, picking and dropping zones for public service vehicles was last done in the year 2000, this Assembly urges the County Executive to abolish all onstreet parkings within the Central Business District of the Nairobi City County and direct all the public service vehicles to revert back to the designated bus termini.
Notice of Motion 28th October, 2015
Mover Hon. Samuel Kagiri, MCA.
Seconder Hon. Ngaruiya Chege, MCA.
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 18th November, 2015
Remarks Adopted.
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