THAT, aware that Paragraph 4 (h) of Part II of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 mandates County Government with the responsibility of managing sports activities and facilities; further aware that the Nairobi City County Assembly enacted the Nairobi City County Sports Management Act, 2017 to provide for management of promotions and regulations of sports in County; noting that Section 2 of the said Act provides for the establishment of the Sports Fund whose purpose amongst others is to fund the training, research, development and capacity building of all sports activities in accordance to the sports plan as contemplated under Section 8 of the said Act; concerned that despite this clear provision of the law, the County Executive is yet to establish a Sports Fund to support sporting activities in the County as envisioned in the Act thus hampering the development of sports; further concerned that sporting teams that represent the County in various national competitions have been turned into beggars depending on well-wishers, which is not only heartbreaking but humiliating as well; this Assembly resolves that the County Executive: 1.  Operationalizes the Sports Fund as envisioned under Section 10 and 11 of the Nairobi City County Sports Management Act, 2017 and further that the funds be utilized in supporting sports teams in the County; 2. Factors monies in the Budget Estimates for the financial year 2024/2025 for purposes of the fund; and, 3. Develop and submit to the County Assembly regulations contemplated under Section 16 of the said Act within 3 months of the adoption of this motion. This regulation should amongst other things provide for the management of the sport and the fund in the County.
Notice of Motion 12th September, 2023
Mover Hon. Peter Imwatok, MCA & Leader of the Majority Party
Seconder H/W Hon. Geophrey Majiwa
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 18th October, 2023
Remarks Adopted
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