Subject: New Structure Of Governance.

THAT, aware that Article 6(2) of the Constitution recognizes that both the National and County governments are distinct and inter-dependent and that devolution is an important principle in the new structure of governance; further aware that the function of village polytechnics is vested in the County Governments pursuant to provisions of Part Two of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution of Kenya 2010; acknowledging that there has been increased enrollment in both primary and secondary schools in recent years; deeply concerned that the low number of primary school leavers transiting to secondary school has become a cause for alarm for both National and County Governments; this Assembly urges the County Executive to establish at least one county vocational training institution with well-equipped facilities to accommodate primary and secondary school leavers who fail to transition to higher levels of learning.
Notice of Motion 3rd June, 2015
Mover Hon. Zulfa Hakim, MCA
Seconder Hon. William Abuka, MCA
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 1st July, 2015
Remarks Adopted.
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