Subject: Nairobi City County Disaster and Emergency Management

THAT, aware that Paragraph twelve (12) of Part two (2) of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 devolves the responsibility for firefighting and disaster management to the County Governments, further aware that the County Assembly enacted the Nairobi City County Disaster and Emergency Management Act, 2015 which requires the County Government to put in place adequate measures to respond to disasters such as fire out-breaks whenever they occur, noting that Nairobi City County frequently experience fire disasters especially in the informal settlements, which fires cause considerable property damage and immense suffering to citizens, deeply concerned that most firefighting equipment such as fire engines and personell are stationed within the Central Business District(CBD) thus making it difficult for timely response to fire disasters since the CBD is always congested due to heavy traffic while the informal settlements lack appropriate roads to ensure efficient movement of the fire-engines whenever the fire disasters happen, this Assembly urges the County Executive to decentralise fire-fighting services to the Ward level to ensure timely and effective response to fire disasters whenever they occur.
Notice of Motion 23rd August, 2016
Mover Hon. Alex Otieno, MCA
Seconder Hon. Alexina Mudi, MCA.
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 27th October, 2016
Remarks Adopted.
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