Subject: Involvement of Youths in the County in major projects

             THAT, aware that the County government is increasingly investing heavily in infrastructural and other major developments, including in its projected development blueprint as detailed in the County Integrated Development Plan; NOTING that part of the main focus of these major development projects is the creation of employment opportunities for the youth enabling them to earn a living; DEEPLY CONCERNED however that most youths from the localities where these major projects are carried out do not often benefit from the opportunities available with such developments; RECOGNIZING that cash-for-work activities and the promotion of youth friendly and income generating micro-projects within such development initiatives carries great potential for alleviating youth unemployment in the City;  OBSERVING that such major County projects similarly carry the potential for building the capacity of local youths and youth associations to ensure sustainable management of the youth as a resource; FURTHER OBSERVING that by such engagement, the local youths are encouraged to continue with maintenance of the community assets beyond the project period; this ASSEMBLY URGES the County Executive to put in place measures to ensure local youths within the County’s major project areas such as infrastructural developments are prioritized for employment in such projects
Notice of Motion 27th March, 2018
Mover Hon. Silas Matara, MCA.
Seconder Hon. Millicent Jagero, MCA.
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 18th April, 2018
Remarks Adopted.
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