Subject: Introduction of Modern Kiosks in Available Public Spaces

THAT, aware that the introduction of the modern kiosk in Nairobi City has the potential to promote small scale businesses and aide the sector’s growth as well as improve revenue collection; noting that the modern kiosk concept can be expanded to benefit the ongoing efforts to green the City by involving stakeholders within the sector in greening initiatives; recognizing that similar engagements with the business sector have been undertaken in the greening of cities such as Kigali with remarkable success; this Assembly resolves that the County Executive do the following – 1) Authorize the introduction of modern kiosks in available public spaces, which kiosks must have mandatory dustbins and set aside a day dedicated for cleaning of their immediate environs each week; 2) Modern kiosks pull together to maintain the greenery within their area of operation in coordination with the County government.
Notice of Motion 17th February, 2016
Mover Hon. Dianah Kapeen,
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 2nd March, 2016
Remarks Awaiting debate
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