Subject: Identification Tags For Revenue Collection

THAT, aware that the Constitution of Kenya (2010) grants the citizens of this republic comprehensive rights and fundamental freedoms; further aware that recent years have witnessed increased cases of arbitrary arrests, harassment and extortion by City Inspectorate and Revenue Collection Employees thus infringing on rights and fundamental freedoms of the residents; concerned that some of the officers who engage in such heartless acts do not face the full force of the law due to identification crisis, as such officers are not easily identified by their victims; noting that huge loss of revenue has been incurred by the County Government due to extortion by such employees, this Assembly urges the County Executive to ensure all the City Inspectorate, Revenue Collection Employees and the entire County Government workforce have identification tag for identification purposes to reduce cases of arbitrary arrests, harassment and extortion by some County Government Employees and avoid impersonation.
Notice of Motion 19th April, 2016
Mover Hon. Mohammed Abdi
Seconder Hon. Njoroge G. Maina
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 26th April, 2016
Remarks Adopted
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