Subject: Health Education And Screening Of Cancer.

THAT, aware that Article 26 of the Constitution of Kenya provides that every person has the right to life; further aware that the Fourth schedule of the Constitution gives the mandate of health services including County health facilities to the County Governments; concerned that cancer is the third killer disease in Kenya, killing more people than tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/AIDS combined; recognizing that there has been a lot of health education and screening of cancer being conducted in the country without significant help from the National Government; noting that treatment and care of cancer patients has been a nightmare in this county as there are inadequate facilities to cater for the same, this Assembly urges the County Government to set up a cancer center to help ameliorate the crisis.
Notice of Motion 7th October, 2015
Mover Hon. Karen Wanjiku, MCA.
Seconder Hon. Alex Otieno, MCA.
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 1st December, 2015
Remarks Adopted.
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