Subject: Establishment of new car parks and rehabilitation of the existing ones

THAT, aware that Article 186 (1) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, and paragraph 5 of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution provide forĀ  the functions and powers of County Government on County transport including county roads, street lighting, public road transport traffic and parking; further aware that the City has designated preferential parking zones and bus termini throughout the City with parking restrictions for each zone; noting that recent years have witnessed a marked increase in the number of vehicles in the County; concerned that there are limited number of parking slots across the County making it difficult for motoristsĀ to get a slot especially during working hours; further concerned that some of the available parking slots are in a dilapidated state giving motorists option of using private parking services thus denying the County revenue; acknowledging that a good percentage of County revenue is from parking services, this Assembly urges the County Executive to establish more car parks in off-street parking areas outside the Central Business District, build multi-storey car parks in available County land and upgrade the existing ones to ease the pressure on the available spaces, provide efficient parking services to motorists and boost revenue collection for the County.
Notice of Motion 19th March, 2019
Mover Hon. Jayendra Malde, MCA
Seconder Hon. Millicent Jagero, MCA
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 9th April, 2019
Remarks Adopted
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