Subject: Establishment of a Multi-agency Task Force to review the City Inspectorate Dept. structure

            THAT AWARE; that Article 176(2) of the Constitution provides that the county government shall decentralize its functions and provision of its services to the extent that it is efficient and practicable to do so; FURTHER AWARE; that Article 175(b) of the Constitution on the principles of devolved government provides that county governments shall have reliable sources of revenue to enable them govern and deliver services effectively; NOTING THAT; that for a long period of time the management of the city inspectorate has been marred with a number of challenges with regards to institutional and structural arrangements such as understaffing, poor quality of service, inadequate service facilities, insecurity, health and safety of personnel; APPRECIATING THAT; the new County administration has shown a willingness to reform the Inspectorate Department as enumerated by the Governor on various occasions and through budgetary provisions for retraining and recruitment of competent personnel; REGRETING THAT; that despite the foregoing efforts and other interventions, including the consideration and passage of the Nairobi City County Inspectorate Services Act, 2017, not much has changed in the way of anticipated change for lack of implementation of proposals for reform;  RECOGNIZING THAT; as a result of such systemic and institutional challenges the city inspectorate staff establishment has developed a poor attitude towards their work, characterized by frequent violent confrontations between City Askaris and the Nairobi business community more so the hawkers and harassment of the general citizenry, resulting in a general lack of public trust with the department;  CONCERNED THAT; despite the violent confrontations with the public and the loss of life on both ends, conflicts persist and no tangible solutions have emanated from the Department on how it plans to fix its image and the challenges it faces, necessitating a rethinking of enforcement strategies; OBSERVING THAT; one of the major revenue streams for the Nairobi County Government is through the business establishments in the City with a potential to contribute immensely to the City’s kitty through levies and daily taxes as well as create job opportunities if the Inspectorate Department can be reengineered to return public trust and ensure seamless working; KEEPING IN MIND; that Nairobi is the Capital City of Kenya and gateway for both domestic and foreign direct investment, conferences and the seat of the National Government as well as a Diplomatic city, whose image often time has suffered battering arising out of the actions of “council askaris” or commonly known as “kanjo”; NOW THEREFORE, this Assembly RESOLVES that the County Executive establish a multi-agency Task Force consisting of the following Members:
  1. County Secretary as Chairperson;
  2. Chairperson, County Public Service Board;
  3. Two (2) nominees from County Public Service Management Department;
  4. One (1) nominee from the Office of the Inspector General of Police;
  5. Two (2) nominees from the Office Of The County Attorney; 
  6. One nominee (1) from the Department Of Finance and Economic Planning;
  7. One (1) nominee, qualified as a Security Consultant, to be sourced by the County Secretary from amongst qualified persons; and
  8. Two (2) nominees from Two (2) registered Business Associations in Nairobi City County.
 With the following Terms of Reference, namely to: -
  1. Review existing policies and institutional structures of the Inspectorate Department, and to recommend comprehensive reforms that would enhance effectiveness, professionalism and accountability in the inspectorate services department and propose changes where necessary;
  2. Review the Terms of Service of the City Inspectorate staff establishment and propose measures to improve service delivery and the image of the Department;
  3. Review the Policy and Legal framework establishing the Inspectorate Services Department, including the framework proposed under the recently enacted Nairobi City County Inspectorate Services Act, 2017, and propose changes where necessary; and
Report to the County Assembly with a Comprehensive Report within three (3) months from the date of establishment of the Task Force.
Notice of Motion 19th April, 2018
Mover Hon. Jayendra Malde, MCA
Seconder Hon. Moses Ogeto, MCA
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 12th June, 2018
Remarks Adopted.
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