Subject: Establishment of a County Youth Hub and Resource Centre

           AWARE that Article 55(b) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 requires the State take measures, including affirmative action programmes, to ensure that the youth have opportunities to associate, be represented and participate in political, social, economic and other spheres of life; NOTING that the current population of Nairobi City County according to the Kenya 2019 Census is estimated at 4.39 Million, with 2,192,452 (49.8%) being Male, 2,204,376 (50.1%) being Female, out of whom 1.9 Million being youths
between 18-35 years of age and constituting 43% of the population in Nairobi County; CONCERNED that 60% of youths in the County were recorded to be unemployed as per the Census Report of 2019, a situation that is expected to worsen with the misfortunes of COVID-19; ACKNOWLEDGING that the existence of the Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) program both at the National and County Level which seeks to provide for a fair equitable, transparent and cost-effective public procurement of goods and services by ensuring 30% of Government Procurement is set aside for the enterprises owned by the Youth, Women and Persons with Disabilities and in line with the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015;
DISTURBED that despite such measures by the Government to provide such opportunities to youth, many youth registered outfits are yet to benefit fully from the same due to lack and/or delayed access to relevant information and knowledge because of unavailability of centralized and structured manner of disseminating information to the youth; FURTHER DISTURBED that there is low uptake and response whenever government calls for application of opportunities such internships, contracts and other
government assignments for the youths due to lack of structured communication hub and bureau for the youths in the County; this ASSEMBLY URGES the Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) in liaison with the Nairobi County Executive to secure, renovate, equip and staff the isolated Youth Hub and Resource Centre situated at the Hilton Park, in front of the Hilton Hotel, next to the City Hall Way and Moi Avenue
junction that would see the Youth benefit on the following Services;-
i) Link and dissemination of youth service and opportunities at the National and County Level;
ii) Custody of youth Database at the County level;

iii) Facilitate engagement of youth with the County Executive on implementation of National Policy; and

iv) Coordination of Public Participation and collections of views relating to youths.
Notice of Motion 1st January, 1970
Mover Hon. Millicent Jagero, MCA
Seconder Hon. Silas Matara, MCA
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 1st July, 2021
Remarks Adopted
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