Subject: Establishment of a Cancer Screening & Prevention Center.

THAT, aware that Article 26 of the Constitution of Kenya provides that every person has the right to life; further aware that paragraph 2 of Part 2 of the Fourth schedule of the Constitution gives the mandate of health services including County health facilities to the County Governments; CONCERNED THAT, in Kenya, cancer is estimated to be the third leading cause of death after infectious and cardiovascular diseases; NOTING THAT, the annual incidence of cancer according to World Health Organization (WHO) is close to 37,000 new cases with an annual mortality of over 28,000 with the leading cancers in women being; cervix uteri cancer, breast cancer and esophagus cancer and in men being; prostate, Kaposi sarcoma cancer and esophagus cancer being the most common cancers as per Ferlay et al 2013; APPRECIATING THAT cancer prevention according to World Health Organization (WHO) offers the most cost-effective long-term strategy for the control of cancer with evidence indicates that between 30% and 50% of cancer deaths could be prevented by modifying or avoiding a number of causal key risk factors, and through interventions which permit the early detection (which includes screening and early diagnosis) and effective treatment forms the most-effective long-term method of cancer control; DISTURBED THAT treatment and care of cancer patients still remains a great challenge due to the financial demands with inadequate treatment facilities, prevention and screening has proved to be the best long term - strategy for cancer control, this Assembly urges the County Government to set up cancer screening and prevention centers across major County Health facilities to help in early detection and mitigation of cancer for effective control.
Notice of Motion 4th July, 2019
Mover Hon. Joseph Wambugu, MCA
Seconder Hon. Daniel Ngengi, MCA
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 18th July, 2019
Remarks Adopted
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