Subject: Development of County Programs on Countering Violent Extremism in the County

                           THAT, aware that Part Two of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution provides for the functions of the County Government which include ensuring and coordinating the participation of communities and locations in governance at the local level and assisting communities and locations to develop the administrative capacity for the effective exercise of the functions and powers and participation in governance at the local level; further aware that Kenya continues to face violent extremism by radical militarist groups, especially in areas along in Nairobi where drivers of violent extremism are localized and depend on the sociopolitical landscape of the communities which serve as recruitment hubs; concerned that a majority of young people in Nairobi have high hopes and ambitions, however, poor macroeconomic performance, a lack of labor market opportunities, an education system that suffers from problems of access, quality, and relevance, and a society that negates the self-expression of young people mean that many young people are unable to translate their aspirations into a productive and fulfilling future; further concerned that high expectations, disappointing employment and life prospects, and marginalization among young people fuels frustration and desperation to the advantage of drivers of violent extremism who recruit such youth; noting that hard military and security approaches used by the National Government have not successfully and completely addressed the threat of violent extremism especially in Nairobi City County which has the highest rate of inequality that exists between young community members and community leaders in urban settlements, this Assembly urges the County Executive in partnership with local stakeholders such as community and faith based organizations:- a) develop programs that address poverty and unemployment by incorporating vulnerable and at-risk groups in such programs; and b) develop programs that identify and empower trusted influencers with the skills and tools they need to provide concrete solutions to help at-risk individuals in their surrounding which makes them feel that they have more options than turning to a violent extremist groups, and allow for more information sharing and coordination of strategies in preventing violent extremism in the County.

Notice of Motion 1st January, 1970
Mover Hon. Esther Waithera Chege, MCA
Seconder Hon. Elizabeth Nyambura, MCA
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 5th October, 2021
Remarks Adopted
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