Subject: Development of a County Public Health Insurance Policy

             THAT, aware  that access to quality health care is a Constitutional right, however, millions of Nairobi residents still cannot afford to pay for health services at public or private clinics; FURTHER AWARE that even with public health insurance available since 1966, only 20% of Kenyans have access to some sort of medical cover and thus access to basic healthcare in Nairobi County is still a challenge to the majority poor and increasingly, the low income earners who struggle to make ends meet and face the demands of the high cost of living; OBSERVING that there are considerable differences in distribution of health outcomes, health determinants and resources across counties in Kenya, Nairobi being one of them, hence innovative ways must be found to fill this gap; BEARING IN MIND  that Counties such as Makueni County have successfully put in place mechanisms to protect the most vulnerable and provide access to basic healthcare for all; RECOGNIZING that healthcare inequalities have significant social and economic costs to the extent that they limit people’s ability to realize their full potential in terms of participating effectively in community, social, economic and political life; this ASSEMBLY URGES the County Executive to explore mechanisms for the establishment of a County Public Health Insurance Policy targeted at protecting the most vulnerable and ensuring access to basic healthcare for the County’s uninsured low income residents.
Notice of Motion 27th March, 2018
Mover Hon. Silas Matara, MCA.
Seconder Hon. Kennedy Obuya, MCA.
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 5th June, 2018
Remarks Adopted.
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