Subject: Development of a comprehensive Health Sector Strategic Plan and Investment

THAT, aware that Access to and provision of quality health care is a basic right guaranteed by the 2010 Constitution of Kenya; FURTHER AWARE that health is a devolved function under the Constitution, specially under the Fourth Schedule, Part II, which provides that the County shall be responsible for health services, including, in particular county health facilities and pharmacies; ambulance services; promotion of primary health care; OBSERVING that whereas the devolution of health services was intended to usher in a new dawn in health services management, recent experience from Nairobi residents in health facilities indicate a slowed realization of the same; RECOGNIZING that the County government has indeed invested heavily in its facilities, which investment has seen great improvements in provision of health services across County health facilities; DEEPLY CONCERNED that despite the foregoing, the sector is currently bedeviled with monumental challenges ranging from capacity gaps, human resource deficiency, lack of critical legal and institutional infrastructure, rampant corruption and a conflictual relationship with the national government; REALIZING that the net effect of these challenges is the stagnation of healthcare and even a reversal of some gains made over the past six years; ACKNOWLEDGING that the previous administration had a draft strategic plan and investment such challenges, this Assembly urges the County Executive to move with speed and finalize on the draft plan and/or develop a comprehensive Health Sector Strategic Plan and Investment that will address the various challenging bedeviling the health services in the County.

Notice of Motion 7th August, 2019
Mover The Hon. Millicent Okatch, MCA for: The Hon. David Mberia, MCA
Seconder The Hon. Peter Wanyoike
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 11th March, 2020
Remarks Adopted
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