Subject: Development of a coherent and unified framework to integrate climate- smart actions and increase tree cover in the County

                             THAT, aware that the Climate change Act, 2016 being an Act of Parliament is intended to provide for regulatory framework for enhanced response to Climate change, to provide for mechanism and measures to achieve low carbon; FURTHER AWARE THAT; Nairobi in particular is gradually becoming vulnerable to the effects of climate change as a result of increased construction of buildings whose approvals by the County Government do not expressly obligate developers to set aside reasonable amount of space for tree cover; COGNIZANT THAT; the existing planning framework and building regulations need to integrate tree cover as key component for all prospective property developers whereby they must comply before constructions are approved and certificates of compliance issued; NOTING THAT; effects of climate change are real and lack of enough tree cover in the City will in the long run result into devastating effects that will impede the future generations from enjoying the benefits accruing from the natural environment; DEEPLY CONCERNED THAT; little or lack of vegetation cover increases air pollution which reduces quality of health and lowers the life expectancy; OBSERVING THAT, a clean and healthy environment is a right of every person; this ASSEMBLY URGES the County Executive in conjunction with the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) to urgently develop a coherent and unified framework that makes it necessary for all property developers and constructions within the City to strictly integrate climate-smart actions and obligatorily set aside reasonable amount of space to be used to enhance tree cover/vegetation in the City

Notice of Motion 1st January, 1970
Mover Hon. Moses Ogeto, MCA - Deputy Minority Whip
Seconder Hon. Geophrey Majiwa, MCA - Deputy Speaker
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 24th February, 2022
Remarks Adopted
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