Subject: Department of Disaster Management

THAT, aware that the functions of firefighting services and disaster management are vested in the County Governments pursuant to provisions of Part Two of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution of Kenya; further aware that the Nairobi City County has a fully- fledged Department of Disaster Management which has conducted disaster management training in various Wards within the County; deeply concerned that informal settlements within the County are prone to fire outbreaks and the responses to the outbreaks are hampered due to traffic snarl-ups in the County; acknowledging that the County Government has purchased quad bikes; this Assembly urges the County Government to devolve the quad bikes to the informal settlements within the County to facilitate quick response to fire outbreaks.
Notice of Motion 22nd July, 2014
Mover Hon. David Kitavi, MCA.
Seconder Hon. Ngaruiya Chege, MCA.
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 7th August, 2014
Remarks Adopted.
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