Subject: Controversy Surrounding The Sectoral Committee On Transport And Public Works.

THAT, aware that controversy surrounds the operations of the Sectoral Committee on Transport and Public Works and its potential to greatly impact the working of the committee cannot be understated; deeply concerned that evidence has emerged that indicates the Committee used its powers to the exclusive advantage of some of its Membership at the expense of the other Members of the County Assembly; noting that tabled evidence further indicates that vast sums of monies have been allocated suspiciously to projects within specific wards belonging to Members of the Committee, while other Wards and areas have received little to nothing in the way of project financing; this Assembly resolves to establish an Ad- Hoc Committee to comprehensively investigate and inquire into all matters relating to –
  1. The irregular allocation and disbursement of public monies to projects within specific Wards belonging to Members of the Select Committee on Transport and Public Works;
  2. Criteria used to allocate vast monies to the said projects at the expense of other areas of the city and the officers of the County Government responsible;
  3. Consider and review all records relating to the said irregular allocation of projects and make recommendations to the Assembly within twenty one days, with the following Membership:-
    1. Hon. Samuel Nyang’wara, MCA
    2. Hon. Manoah Mboku, MCA
    3. Hon. Elizabeth Manyala, MCA
    4. Hon. Jaffer Kassam, MCA
    5. Hon. Jane Muasya, MCA
    6. Hon. Kamau Thuo, MCA
    7. Hon. Daniel Mari, MCA
    8. Hon. Janet Kimondo, MCA
    9. Hon. Charles Thuo, MCA
Notice of Motion 14th October, 2014
Mover Hon. Elias O. Okumu, MCA – Leader of the Majority Party.
Seconder Hon. Ngaruiya Chege, MCA.
Division Ayes 41 Nays 31
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 15th October, 2014
Remarks Adopted.
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