Subject: Care for children with autism in the County

THAT, aware that Article 26 of the Constitution of Kenya (2010) gives the citizen of this Country and residents of Nairobi City County a right to life; further aware that Health Services including County Health facilities and primary health care have been devolved to the County Governments pursuant to paragraph 2 of Part Two of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution; acknowledging that autism is development disorder of neurobiological origin that can have a lifelong effect on social interaction, ability to communicate ideas and feelings, imagination and establishment of relationships; recognizing that autism is one of the categories of special education and is a serious, lifelong and disabling condition and without the right support it can have a profound effect to individuals and families; concerned that many children with special needs such as those with autism in the County Early Childhood Education Centres drop out school due to unconducive environment occasioned by lack of equipment and facilities; observing that one of the functions of the County Persons with disabilities Board is to provide to the maximum extent possible assistive devices, appliances and other equipment to persons with disabilities; and access to available information and technical assistance to all institutions and organizations concerned with the welfare and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities;   this Assembly urges the County Executive to:-
  1. Establish, construct, and equip specific classrooms for children with special needs in order to accommodate autistic learners;
  2. Provide early and accurate diagnosis of autism; and
  3. Establish a Committee to address non-compliance and violation with the primary objective being of mastering academic goals to ensure that interventions are accessible and effective so as to guarantee the success of include education for learners diagnosed with autism.
Notice of Motion 18th June, 2019
Mover Hon. June Ndegwa, MCA
Seconder Hon. Kabiro Mbugua, MCA
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 6th August, 2019
Remarks Adopted
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