Subject: Appointment Of Ward Development Fund Committee Members

THAT, pursuant to the provisions of Section 35 of the Ward Development Fund Act, 2014, this Assembly approves the appointment of the following Members to the County Assembly Select Committee on the Ward Development Fund: -
  1. Hon. Maurice Otieno Gari,
  2. Hon. Peter Isuha, MCA
  3. Hon. Diana Kapeen, MCA
  4. Hon. David Kitavi, MCA
  5. Hon. Wilfred Odalo, MCA
  6. Hon. Moses Ogeto, MCA
  7. Hon. Michael Wainana Wanjiku, MCA
  8. Hon. Chege Mwaura, MCA
  9. Hon. Peter Wahinya Kimuhu, MCA
  10. Hon. Njoroge G. Maina, MCA
Notice of Motion 26th March, 2014
Mover Hon. Elias O. Okumu, MCA, Leader of the Majority Party.
Seconder Hon. Abdi I. Hassan, MCA – Leader of the Minority Party.
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 26th March, 2014
Remarks Adopted.
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