Subject: Appointment of Select Committee on Selection

THAT, pursuant to the provisions of Standing Order 164(1), this Assembly approves the appointment of the following Members to the Select Committee on Selection: -
  1. The Hon. Abdi Ibrahim Hassan, MCA – Leader of the Majority Party
  2. The Hon. Elias Otieno Okumu, MCA – Leader of the Minority Party
  3. The Hon. John Kamangu, MCA.
  4. The Hon. Chege Mwaura, MCA.
  5. The Hon. Charles Thuo, MCA.
  6. The Hon. James Kiriba Kariuki, MCA.
  7. The Hon. Esther Chege Waithera, MCA
  8. The Hon. Juliet June Ndegwa, MCA.
  9. The Hon. Peter Anyule Imwatok, MCA.
  10. The Hon. Herman Masabu Azangu, MCA.
  11. The Hon. Caroline Mayunzu, MCA.
  12. The Hon. Michael Ogada, MCA.
  13. The Hon. Jane Muasya, MCA.
Notice of Motion 1st January, 1970
Mover Hon. Hassan I. Abdi, MCA - Leader of the Majority Party
Seconder Hon. Chege Mwaura, MCA
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 3rd October, 2017
Remarks Adopted.
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