Subject: Appointment of Members to Implementation Committee

Subject: Appointment of Members to Implementation Committee           THAT, pursuant to the provision of Standing Order 201(1), this Assembly approves the appointment of the following Members to the Select Committee on Implementation: - 1.   The Hon. Charles Thuo Wakarindi, MCA 2.   The Hon. Jayendra Virchand Malde, MCA 3.   The Hon. Samuel Ng’ang’a Mwangi, MCA 4.   The Hon. John Kamangu Nyumu, MCA 5.   The Hon. Kabiru Mbugua, MCA 6.   The Hon. Samuel Muchene Kabiru, MCA 7.   The Hon. Joseph Wambugu, MCA 8.   The Hon. Beatrice Gakuru, MCA 9.   The Hon. Susan Makhungu, MCA 10. The Hon. Ruth Ndumi, MCA 11. The Hon. Solomon Magembe, MCA 12. The Hon. Geoffrey Ng’ang’a, MCA 13. The Hon. David Mberia, MCA 14. The Hon. David Ayoi, MCA 15. The Hon. Clarence Munga, MCA 16. The Hon. Millicent Okatch, MCA 17. The Hon. Patrick Musili, MCA 18. The Hon. Michael Ogada, MCA 19. The Hon. Jared Akama, MCA 20. The Hon. Elias Otieno MCA 21. The Hon. Fredrick Otieno Omondi, MCA 22. The Hon. Nicholas Okumu, MCA 23. The Hon. Peter Imwatok, MCA
Notice of Motion 1st January, 1970
Mover Hon. Abdi I. Hassan, MCA - Majority Leader
Seconder Hon. Peter Imwatok, MCA - Minority Whip
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 10th September, 2020
Remarks Adopted
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