Subject: Appointment of Members to Committee on Implimentation

           THAT, pursuant to the provision of Standing Order 165(1), this Assembly approves the appointment of the following Members to the Select Committee on Implementation:-
  1. The Hon. Pius Mbono, MCA
  2. The Hon. Samuel Mwangi, MCA
  3. The Hon. John Kamau, MCA
  4. The Hon. Nancy Muthami, MCA
  5. The Hon. Daniel Ngengi, MCA
  6. The Hon. Peter Wahinya Njau, MCA
  7. The Hon. Beatrice Gakuru, MCA
  8. The Hon. Abdi Ibrahim Hassan, MCA
  9. The Hon. Anthony Kimemia, MCA
  10. The Hon. Hassan Abdimaliq, MCA
  11. The Hon. Peter Wahinya, MCA
  12. The Hon. Elias Otieno Okumu, MCA
  13. The Hon. Francis Ngesa, MCA
  14. The Hon. Hafsa Khalif Muhammed, MCA
  15. The Hon. Melab Afwayi, MCA
  16. The Hon. David Ayoyi, MCA
  17. The Hon. Alvin O. Palapala, MCA
  18. The Hon. Cecilia Ayot, MCA
  19. The Hon. Michael Ogada, MCA
Notice of Motion 1st January, 1970
Mover Hon. Hassan I. Abdi, MCA - Leader of the Majority Party
Seconder Hon. Elias Otieno, MCA – Leader of the Minority Party
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 14th March, 2018
Remarks Adopted
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