Subject: Allocation and management of loading zones

THAT, aware that Articles 209 and 210 of the Constitution, 2010 grants powers to County Governments to impose, vary or waiver taxes, fees, levies and other charges in order to raise revenues to fund both their recurrent and development programs; further aware that, Nairobi City County boasts of several revenue streams key among them being parking fees which include loading zones yet there has been gross underperformance as regards the county’s annual revenue collection vis a vis its annual expenditure; noting that, in successive Financial Years, the County Government has continuously lost revenue from loading zones due to non-payment by entities using them i.e. both private and government institutions; further noting that, the County Treasury does not have information on the number, location and the designated users/beneficiaries of all loading zones in the City; concerned that, the responsible County Government Officers fail to enforce measures aimed at collecting revenue from the loading zones due to compromise, corruption, negligence and a weak legal framework on loading zones; recognizing that maximum revenue collection is one of the foundations needed to buttress sustainable economic growth; this Assembly resolves that the County Government: - i.    Identifies, automate and clearly mark all loading zones within the City and submit a comprehensive report on the identified loading zones to this Assembly within sixty (60) days of adoption of this Motion; ii.    Repossess all loading zones with outstanding balances until the balances are cleared by concerned parties/beneficiaries; iii.    Develops a legal frame work either in form of a legislative proposal or regulations on allocation and management of loading zone and submit the same to this Assembly for approval within sixty (60) days of adoption of this Motion; and, iv.    Suspend any allocation or renewal of allocated loading zones until the aforementioned legal framework is enacted and/or operationalized.
Notice of Motion 19th April, 2023
Mover Hon. Paul Kados, MCA & Deputy Speaker
Seconder Hon. Jared Ondieki, MCA
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 27th April, 2023
Remarks Adopted
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