Subject: A Policy to Institutionalize the Nairobi City County Inspectorate Training College

THAT, aware that Section 10 of the Nairobi City County Inspectorate service Act, 2017 provides for establishment and maintenance of an inspector training institution for purposes of training and re-training City Inspectorate Officers in accordance to a training curriculum; further aware that Section 10 Sub-section 4 of the same Act mandates the Nairobi City County Public Service Board to develop guidelines on curriculum, examination and certification of inspectorate trainees; acknowledging that the Nairobi City County’s inspectorate department has over four hundred county enforcement officers whose primary duty is enforcement of County laws and regulations, which the department undertakes in key areas such as markets, licensing among others; further acknowledging that law enforcement is crucial to harmonious living and the orderly conduct of business in the City; concerned that the current inspectorate training college in Dagoretti has no  modern training facilities with clear administration organogram, updated curriculum to embrace devolution which may impedes the enforcement of County Laws and Regulations; noting that with a well-structured institution, the County  could increase its revenue, the Assembly urges the County Executive to develop a policy that will institutionalize the Nairobi City County Inspectorate Training College with its organization structure, curriculum that will provide for paralegal training, anti-terrorism, disarmament, compliance and enforcement; and provide modern facilities to be used in training of both inspectorate officers and other forms of training to enhance county public service delivery.
Notice of Motion 19th March, 2019
Mover Hon. Kennedy Obuya, MCA
Seconder Hon. Charles Thuo, MCA
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 3rd April, 2019
Remarks Adopted
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