Subject: A policy on Youth, Women and Persons with Disability Empowerment Fund

THAT, aware that Article 21 (3) of the Constitution 2010 provides for all State Organs and public officers to address the needs of vulnerable groups within the society, including women, persons with disabilities, youth among others; further aware that Part II of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution provides for the functions of the County Government which is to support enterprises for women and youth in the County by establishing and providing for the administration of youth and women empowerment fund, ensuring and coordinating the participation of communities and locations in governance at the local level and assisting communities and locations to develop the administrative capacity for the effective exercise of the functions and powers and participation in governance at the local level; acknowledging that there has been a high number of youths and women who contribute greatly to the development of Nairobi City County through small and medium scale enterprises; disturbed that most youths and women in the County cannot easily access credit facilities from financial institutions due to stringent procedures in accessing such facilities and lack of securities and guarantors, this Assembly urges the County Executive to develop a policy to establish the County Youth, Women and Persons with Disability Empowerment Fund and set out provision relating to the procedures for application of loans and conditions for grant of loan to youth and women in the County.
Notice of Motion 11th June, 2019
Mover Hon. Doris Kanario, MCA
Seconder Hon. Mwangi Njihia, MCA
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 31st July, 2019
Remarks Adopted
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