Subject: A policy for installation of Closed-Circuit Televisions on commercial and residential buildings in the County

           THAT, aware that Article 29 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 grants every citizen a right to freedom and security; further aware that paragraph 8 of Part Two of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution provides for county planning and development including housing as a function of the County Government; noting that recent months have witnessed a marked increase in the number of insecurity incidences across the Country and more so in Nairobi City County; concerned that majority of the buildings especially in informal settlements do not have closed-circuit television cameras, where most of the criminal activities within the County go unnoticed; acknowledging the importance of CCTVs in the modern world today where CCTV surveillance can deter potential criminals and video footages can help law enforcement to investigate and later provide evidence for prosecution in a law court; further acknowledging that CCTV used in conjunction with audio, thermal and other types of sensors can alert officials to occurrences that are out of the ordinary; noting that for the County to realize a 24 hour economy, security for business people and residents is indispensable; this Assembly urges the County Executive to formulate a policy to:-

1. compel building owners to install closed-circuit Televisions in all commercial and
residential buildings to aid in reducing criminal activities across the County; and

2. install closed-circuit Televisions in all public areas and county facilities in the
informal settlements across the County by the County Government.

Notice of Motion 3rd August, 2021
Mover Hon. Clarence Munga, MCA
Seconder Hon. Jared Akama, MCA
Division None
Dates Debated and/or Concluded 16th September, 2021
Remarks Approved
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