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The Order Paper (‘Order of Business’) in the Assembly is published each sitting day and lists the business of the Assembly and business for sittings during Plenary. It also lists requests for Statements for written answer that day which have not previously appeared in print, and certain other items such as notices of written statements, Petitions, remaining orders and lists of future business.

2017 Hansard

Document titleTypeYear
December 7thHansard2017
December 6thHansard2017
December 5thHansard2017
November 30thHansard2017
November 29thHansard2017
November 14thHansard2017
November 9thHansard2017
November 8thHansard2017
November 7thHansard2017
October 31stHansard2017
October 5thHansard2017
October 4thHansard2017
October 3rdHansard2017
September 28thHansard2017
September 6thHansard2017
June 29thHansard2017
June 28thHansard2017
June 27thHansard2017
June 22ndHansard2017
June 21stHansard2017
June 20thHansard2017
June 15thHansard2017
June 14thHansard2017
June 13thHansard2017
June 7thHansard2017
June 6thHansard2017
May 31stHansard2017
May 30thHansard2017
May 25thHansard2017
May 24thHansard2017
May 23rdHansard2017
May 18thHansard2017
May 17thHansard2017
May 16thHansard2017
May 11thHansard2017
May 10thHansard2017
May 9thHansard2017
April 6th AfternoonHansard2017
April 6th MorningHansard2017
April 5thHansard2017
April 4thHansard2017
March 30thHansard2017
March 29thHansard2017
March 28thHansard2017
March 16thHansard2017
March 15thHansard2017
March 14thHansard2017
March 9thHansard2017
March 8thHansard2017
March 7thHansard2017
March 2ndHansard2017
March 1stHansard2017
February 28thHansard2017
February 23rdHansard2017
February 22ndHansard2017
February 21stHansard2017
February 16thHansard2017
February 15thHansard2017
February 14thHansard2017

2016 Hansard

Document titleTypeYear
December 1stHansard2016
November 30thHansard2016
November 29thHansard2016
November 23rdHansard2016
November 22ndHansard2016
November 17thHansard2016
November 16thHansard2016
November 15thHansard2016
October 27thHansard2016
October 26thHansard2016
October 25thHansard2016
October 19thHansard2016
October 18thHansard2016
October 13thHansard2016
October 12thHansard2016
October 11thHansard2016
October 6thHansard2016
October 5thHansard2016
October 4thHansard2016
September 28thHansard2016
September 29thHansard2016
September 27thHansard2016
August 31stHansard2016
August 25thHansard2016
August 24thHansard2016
August 23rdHansard2016
August 17thHansard2016
August 16thHansard2016
August 11thHansard2016
March 10th 2016Hansard2016
August 10thHansard2016
August 9thHansard2016
August 4thHansard2016
August 3rdHansard2016
August 2ndHansard2016
July 28thHansard2016
July 27thHansard2016
July 26thHansard2016
July 6thHansard2016
July 5thHansard2016
June 30thHansard2016
June 28thHansard2016
June 23rdHansard2016
June 22ndHansard2016
June 21stHansard2016
June 16thHansard2016
June 15thHansard2016
June 14thHansard2016
June 9thHansard2016
June 8thHansard2016
June 7thHansard2016
May 5thHansard2016
May 4thHansard2016
May 3rdHansard2016
April 28thHansard2016
April 27thHansard2016
April 26thHansard2016
April 19thHansard2016
March 31stHansard2016
March 29thHansard2016
March 23rdHansard2016
March 22ndHansard2016
March 17thHansard2016
March 16thHansard2016
March 15thHansard2016
March 10thHansard2016
March 9thHansard2016
March 8thHansard2016
March 3rdHansard2016
March 1st Hansard2016
February 25th Hansard2016
February 26th Hansard2016
February 23rd Hansard2016
February 18th Hansard2016
February 17thHansard2016
February 16th Hansard2016
February 10th Hansard2016
February 9th Hansard2016

2015 Hansard

Document title TypeYear
April 1st 2015Hansard2015
April 2nd 2015Hansard2015
March 3rd 2015Hansard2015
March 4th 2015Hansard2015
March 5th 2015Hansard2015
March 10th 2015Hansard2015
February 10th 2015Hansard2015
March 11th 2015Hansard2015
February 11th 2015Hansard2015
March 12th 2015Hansard2015
February 12th 2015Hansard2015
March 17th 2015Hansard2015
February 17th 2015Hansard2015
February 18th 2015Hansard2015
March 18th 2015Hansard2015
February 19th 2015Hansard2015
March 19th 2015Hansard2015
January 20th 2015Hansard2015
February 24th 2015Hansard2015
March 24th 2015Hansard2015
March 25th 2015Hansard2015
February 25th 2015Hansard2015
February 26th 2015Hansard2015
March 26th 2015Hansard2015
April 28th 2015Hansard2015
April 29th 2015Hansard2015
March 31st  2015Hansard2015
June 2nd 2015Hansard2015
June 3rd 2015Hansard2015

2014 Hansard

Document titleYear
December 11th 20142014
December 10th 20142014
December 9th 20142014
December 4th 20142014
December 3rd 20142014
December 2nd 20142014
November 26th 20142014
November 25th 20142014
November 20th 20142014
November 19th 20142014
November 18th 20142014
November 13th 20142014
November 12th 20142014
November 11th 20152014
October 30th 20142014
October 29th 20142014
October 28th 20142014
October 23rd 20142014
October 22nd 20142014
October 9th 20142014
October 8th 20142014
October 7th 20142014
September 30th 20142014
August 27th 20142014
August 26th 20142014
August 21st 20142014
August 20th 20142014
August 19th 2014r2014
August 14th 20142014
 August 13th 20142014
 August 12th 20142014
 July 24th 20142014
 July 17th 20142014
 July 16th 20142014
July 15th 20142014
 July 3rd 20142014
 July 2nd 20142014
 July 1st 20142014
 June 25th 20142014
 June 19th 20142014
June 18th 20142014
 June 17th 20142014
 June 12th 20142014
 June 11th 20142014
 June 10th 20142014
 June 5th 20142014
 June 3rd 20142014
 May 13th 20142014
 April 30th 20142014
 April 29th 20142014
 April 24th 20142014
April 17th 20142014
April 16th 20142014
 April 15th 20142014
 April 2nd 20142014
April 2nd 20142014
 April 1st 20142014
March 27th 20142014
 March 26th 20142014
 March 25th 20142014
March 12th 20142014
 March 11 20142014
 March 6 20142014
March 5th 20142014
 March 4th 20142014
February 27 20142014
 February 26 20142014
February 25 20142014
 February 20 20142014
 February 19 20142014
 February 12 20142014
 January 28 20142014

2013 Hansard